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I've got plans... May. 9th, 2014 @ 04:45 pm
I don't have much to do this weekend, but that means I have the time to back up the images from my Imageshack account since I want to delete it for making me mad. Next weekend, I'm hoping to go see a film I'm interested in, if anyone I know wants to go as well. I'll be in Anime North the following weekend, which means I'll miss the opening of X-Men: Days of Future Past, but I'm hoping to see that at the drive in on the same screen as Maleficent or The Amazing Spiderman 2 if possible.

Yes, I'm excited about some of the films coming out, I even did some icons for them. Mostly of Peter Dinklage (because he rules the Game of Thrones) and Bryan Cranston (he's good, really good).

Peter05 Magneto06 GIcon04

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When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. May. 9th, 2014 @ 03:36 pm
Well, I admit it, I'm crazy for Game of Thrones! I did read the books by George R. R. Martin and I've been watching the series on DVD sets and the current season. I decided to make icons for the 4th Season, which are included in this entry.

Arya02 Tyrion03 Jon01

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A New Year's Start with Icons! Jan. 5th, 2013 @ 07:35 pm
Well, it's the beginning of a new year. My holiday was not what I expected, I caught the flu and the weather was nasty, so I was cooped up inside my house for most of the time. However, I was able to get a few icons done, not a lot, but some I've been meaning to do. Also, I received e-mail notifications that I got more spam in the comments. I don't know why those live journal users keep spamming me, maybe to annoy me, and it's driving me crazy. I did delete the comments, block the users who did them, and left a warning that spam will get deleted, yet I still get spam. It really ticks me off.

Okay, enough of my complaints about spam, here are some new icons. They're just some Tim Burton icons, but I hope that I can do some icons for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey for this year and that my next batch of icons will be bigger than just nineteen.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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I've got much to do... Nov. 13th, 2012 @ 04:12 pm
I've been working on some graphic design projects, which are being completed little by little. However, my studio still has some things that require completion. The remaining tiles need to placed in the corners of the walls, I have to get shelves or a spare table for equipment, and my drafting table still needs to be done. It does get a little frustrating, but I'm hoping I can get my studio organized then I can get to work on getting new clients and probably more design work.

Yet, I just received an e-mail that the people I did face painting for earlier in the autumn would like me to work for them again at a Christmas party. I'm excited that I can work in creative jobs, the face painting is a side job, but it helps me get by when graphic design is low on the radar.

I recently completed a design project, so I just hope that my client will approve of the work.
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An October post that didn't load earlier... ^_^; Nov. 6th, 2012 @ 12:54 pm
I've been keeping myself busy for the fall. I've been working on graphic design responsibilities, getting stuff organized in my disorganized house, the insanity of Halloween and something I did during the weekend really tied up my hands.

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» I hate being a screw up!
I've had a very crazy week, just renovating that room and there's still much left to work on. I made it my top priority to get that room renovated into a studio and I'm starting to lose my mind just working on it!

I got a message from the Association of Registered Graphic Designers, they recieved my application and portfolio. They are going to contact me once they have reviewed my portfolio for qualification. I know that I can apply again next year if they don't believe that I'm qualified for this year. However, I really worked hard over the last few weeks putting my portfolio together, and I have even begun studying the material for the written test. If I am qualified, I just have to prepare for the test. It's scary, I always fear that I might fail miserably, no matter how hard I studied.

I can't stand being a screw up! Whenever I post artwork, or fan fiction, or even just a message board or journal post, people would always rudely point out my some flaw with what I do. I normally try making my art and writing as best as I can, even though some things might have a problem that I might have forgotten about, which is embarrassing. However, I have been taking extra care to clean my artwork in Photoshop and use the spell checker on the computer or a dictionary for my writing, so I really can't stand it when people make rude comments on my stuff.

Through out my childhood, I have been teased about being slow, weak, and stupid, which is why I have low confidence in my abilities. I see other people getting tons of compliments on what they do and I can't help but feel jealous that I can't get as many compliments. I would appreciate more compliments on my artwork and writings, but I can't seem to get my art noticed and it drives me crazy. I no longer allow anonymous reviews on my FanFiction.Net stories, because people who review anonymously were rude. Other members hardly review my work, but normally they're polite when they do. I don't blame them for being polite, I don't think they would want nasty comments in return on their own works. Here on LiveJournal and other art sites, I might retaliate if I do ever receive a rude comment ever again, which might make me seem like some monster, so I really hope that it won't happen.
» Some sacrifices to make...
I am deciding to take the exam for the Association of Registered Graphic Designers, which is exciting yet intimidating. I have most of the studying material and started taking notes. I just have to send my application and my portfolio to the Association to be scheduled for the exam. Hopefully my portfolio looks okay, I did have someone else look at it, but I should make some adjustments before I send it.

Since I am going to be busy with the exam, my contract work, and my new studio, I have to make some sacrifices. First of all is that I can only attend the evening karate classes since I don't have time to be running back and forth between my house and into town. Other sacrifices are my more personal hobbies such as drawings, poetry, guitar, and an old website I was rebuilding. It's sad, but they have to be made.

The paint job in my studio looks great, it's just the floor that needs to be done. There is nasty stuff on the floor and it will be a nightmare to clean up. @_@
» June Starts
Today is the seventh anniversary that I bought my pet budgie Pip. He passed away from old age months ago, so it feels rather depressing that I can no longer get him treat like I did the previous six years. He was old and I cannot expect a little bird like him to live longer than six or seven years, I really miss him. I might get another bird, but now isn't the time.

I'm still working on my brother's room. The sanding and scraping is done and over with, now the painting has to be tackled. The ceiling needed to coats of paint to hide the hideous paint job beneathe it. The walls are coming along okay, also needing extra coats to cover the previous paint job and all the damage done.

I've got a face painting job today, I'm really excited about it. The job is for a good cause, I look forward to painting so many faces.
» Springing into Action
First of all, my brother moved out and I'm working on cleaning out and refurbishing his room into a new workspace. It was really gross in there, I used two plastic bags to pick up his trash, one for grabbing the trash and the other for stuffing the trash in. Then I sanded the one wall where there were lots of smudges, thick paint and scratches. It took a lot of my strength to sand down the wall for a new coat of paint. Lots of dust got on me so I had to toss my clothes in the basket and shower to get the yucky dust off.

Not only am I trying to clean out my brother's room, I have a few projects on my hands. There's the technical diagrams, a logo, and illustrations. I cannot go into much detail since I cannot spill out any information that is confidential between designer and client.

Since it is spring, I am also working on planting some vegetables this year. The last year, I only got a few tomatoes, a deformed cucumber, beans and chives. I really hope that I have more luck with it this year.
» Writer's Block: Supersoldiers vs. The Others
What TV show (past or present) do you think got off to a great start but then went the most off the rails? What would you have changed to keep the derailment from happening?

I suppose that Torchwood really changed too much over the last few seasons. I did enjoy the first two, but after the Children of Earth, it was all down hill.

I could say the same about Primeval, the seasons get shorter and they keep killing off characters or making them disappear. I would like to see the Danny Quinn and Patrick storyline come to a conclusion, the finale of season 4 really left that one hanging. Maybe Primeval: New World might have the answers.
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