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First of all, my brother moved out and I'm working on cleaning out and refurbishing his room into a new workspace. It was really gross in there, I used two plastic bags to pick up his trash, one for grabbing the trash and the other for stuffing the trash in. Then I sanded the one wall where there were lots of smudges, thick paint and scratches. It took a lot of my strength to sand down the wall for a new coat of paint. Lots of dust got on me so I had to toss my clothes in the basket and shower to get the yucky dust off.

Not only am I trying to clean out my brother's room, I have a few projects on my hands. There's the technical diagrams, a logo, and illustrations. I cannot go into much detail since I cannot spill out any information that is confidential between designer and client.

Since it is spring, I am also working on planting some vegetables this year. The last year, I only got a few tomatoes, a deformed cucumber, beans and chives. I really hope that I have more luck with it this year.
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