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An October post that didn't load earlier... ^_^; - Chronicles of the Destroyer

About An October post that didn't load earlier... ^_^;

Previous Entry An October post that didn't load earlier... ^_^; Nov. 6th, 2012 @ 12:54 pm Next Entry
I've been keeping myself busy for the fall. I've been working on graphic design responsibilities, getting stuff organized in my disorganized house, the insanity of Halloween and something I did during the weekend really tied up my hands.

A quick summary of October so far...

The Thanksgiving weekend was well, my brother came from his apartment and my dad got home from Montreal for the dinner. I also got some screens on the gutter of the roof, to prevent clogging caused by leaves and dirt.

I spent my birthday weekend at a comic drawing challenge that was supposed to be 24 hours, but I was done in 21 hours. I had a good time, met some new people, and pushed my art skills to a whole new level.

The Halloween party was great, I actually won a prize for my costume! I was dressed as a reptile person from Doctor Who. I'm also going to use the costume for a convention, so I can make some adjustments to make it more comfortable.

End of summary.

Now that Halloween is over, I am going to get back to serious business. I still have to lay the last tiles down in my studio, get my drafting table cleaned and repaired, and work on my professional portfolio for new clients to see. Luckily there is no holiday hustle for me in November, except my brother's birthday, which gives me well over a month before the Christmas insanity.

I enjoyed the weekend with my karate team. It was good to learn new things and meet new people, and I even befriended a shy girl from a different club when she attended a seminar with me.

I'm a little steamed though, ever since hearing about the victim of both physical and cyber-bullying, I think about how many jerks there are in the world. I encountered people both personally and over the net who were rather unpleasant towards me, which is why I think most people are pigs. I'm 26 and I spent a good portion of my life dealing with insults and teasing. All that I ever wanted was more compliments on things that I could do well, like drawing and painting, which is why I get angry when I don't get the compliments I desire on my work. Perhaps what I just confessed might be a bit harsh, but I'm hoping people will understand me and not crucify me for expressing my thoughts.

Also, I'm very steamed about all those spam comments I keep receiving on my entries. I tried ignoring them at first, but now I realize that I can just delete the stupid things. So anyone who spams on my journal entries, or makes an offensive comment towards me, should not be surprised if their comments get deleted! I mean it!
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