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Previous Entry I've got much to do... Nov. 13th, 2012 @ 04:12 pm Next Entry
I've been working on some graphic design projects, which are being completed little by little. However, my studio still has some things that require completion. The remaining tiles need to placed in the corners of the walls, I have to get shelves or a spare table for equipment, and my drafting table still needs to be done. It does get a little frustrating, but I'm hoping I can get my studio organized then I can get to work on getting new clients and probably more design work.

Yet, I just received an e-mail that the people I did face painting for earlier in the autumn would like me to work for them again at a Christmas party. I'm excited that I can work in creative jobs, the face painting is a side job, but it helps me get by when graphic design is low on the radar.

I recently completed a design project, so I just hope that my client will approve of the work.
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