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Chronicles of the Destroyer

Drakena's Memoirs

Drakena the Destroyer
20 October 1986
My name is Drakena, I'm a Canadian female. I have a passion for art, reading, writing, swimming and martial arts. I'm a distinctive graduate of the Graphic Design class at St. Lawrence. I wish to take on a design related career where I can apply the techniques of traditional and digital styles.

I am a 2nd degree black belt in martial arts and I also like to play the guitar even though I'm not perfect at it. I like to make costumes for Halloween and conventions. I am also a face painter.

When it comes to writing fan fiction, I must confess that I am a slash fan. I love same gender pairings, no matter if others think that slash is gross. I can't stand Mary-Sues, in every MS story it's the same dumb thing, a new female arrives to pester a specific male. Sheesh! Grammar and spelling are also important, and character development.

Jason is Love

I'm a big fan of sweet Jason.

Boz's Screwy LJ is sexy LXG love.

Boz (victor_victim formerly eowyn_of_moria) does the cutest drawings ever. Love how she drew my dragon character. XD